2018 Gold Price Forecast – A Major Bottom is Forming

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Gold is now completing a pattern which repeats over and over again throughout history. The pattern suggests that a critical low is forming, and that the price of gold is set to begin a new primary advancing trend in 2018.

Note that we are not anticipating skyrocketing prices – such is the realm of headline hyperbole. Further, at this firm we have not been bullish on precious metals from 2011 through 2015. Regular readers will know that no bullish articles were published by this firm during that period: we were waiting for the proper technical signals to align which showed that the declines after 2011 had concluded.

Those signals are now visible. A new advancing trend in gold will set the stage for a markedly different backdrop which will impact short-term traders, investors, and mining companies alike. We must pay attention to these signals as they emerge now and before they are widely-known to avoid chasing markets higher – a strategy which usually results in severe losses.

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