Precious Metals Intelligence

There is a tremendous opportunity in the precious metals market over the years to come.

Precious Metals Intelligence — our flagship investment publication, launched by Christopher Aaron, Senior Editor for the investment portal Gold Eagle.

Precious Metals Intelligence is the premier resource for gold & silver investors wanting to achieve maximum gains in the coming revaluation higher for both metals. We cover in detail which investments we are making, which trades we are executing, the timing of the buy and sell signals, and why. This is the most clear, targeted, and actionable research available today.

The problem with other gold & silver advisories is that they only cover the ‘fundamentals’. As we have seen from the 2011 – 2015 drop in precious metals prices, one can be right on the fundamentals of the economy (currency devaluations, corporate bailouts, negative interest rates), yet the market can move opposite you for many years. The result of investing based on fundamentals only can be severe losses.

That is why we combine a deep fundamental knowledge base with a strict discipline of technical analysis. Technical analysis is the study of what the market is actually doing day in and day out. If we listen to the true pulse of the market, and align ourselves with it, we will avoid severe losses and only invest in high reward-to-risk candidates, those poised to offer life-altering gains.

There is no other research service of this kind. These are the exact investments we are making as a firm and for private clients.

We perform technical analysis on the following gold & silver equities to select the top candidates for investment:


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We cover both the medium and long-term trajectories for both physical precious metals investors, as well as investors in gold & silver mining equities. We will occasionally make short-term trades to profit alongside our primary investments.

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