Are you new to the precious metals markets or thinking about a change to your investment strategy?

iGold Advisor offers individual email and voice consultations with founder, Christopher Aaron, to help you navigate what can sometimes be an overly-complex market.

We are fully independent and take no commission from dealers, brokers, or companies that we profile. We are solely dedicated to helping assist individual investors.

With over a decade of experience in precious metals, we have expertise on buying / selling / trading coins, bars, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mining equities, options, and futures. Gold and silver can often be opaque markets, and there is much misinformation out there. Investing in the wrong form can be a costly mistake. Indeed, we have seen investors be correct on the price of the metals, but because they chose the wrong way to invest, to actually lose money in the long run.

There are a lot of unscrupulous salesmen out there. Do not be taken advantage of.


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Email Consultations

Due to increased demand, we now offer an email service for private investors to receive a quick written response to any question regarding the best ways to buy or sell gold, silver, mining equities, or on any other aspect of the precious metals market.

Once the service is booked, you will immediately receive a confirmation that contains our private email address.

Your information is guaranteed private and kept in strict confidence. Personalized responses will be a paragraph at minimum, and typical response times are within 24 hours.

If we cannot answer your question, we refund the full cost.

Email Consultation: $50

While all of our credit card transactions are processed securely via Paypal, you do not need a registered Paypal account to check out.


One-on-One Consultations

To speak directly with Christopher Aaron either in person (in the Boston metro area), via phone, or via Skype, please click below. As soon as the consultation is booked, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to speak one-on-one.

This service is appropriate for a more detailed independent evaluation of your personal investment situation. Typical consultation clients may desire:

  • Portfolio reviews
  • Technical analysis of a particular mining equity
  • Allocation strategy between physical gold & silver, mining equities, and trading positions
  • Unique situations that deserve an independent researched perspective

One 30-minute consultation: $100

One 60-minute consultation: $175


While all of our credit card transactions are processed securely via Paypal, you do not need a registered Paypal account to check out.