Bullion Vault


After researching the multitude of options available for buying and storing gold and silver in vaults internationally, at iGold Advisor we have arrived at a single choice as our recommended p of choice: Bullion Vault.


What is Bullion Vault?

Bullion Vault allows private investors to buy and sell fully allocated gold and silver online, to be stored in vaults at one of several international locations including London, Zurich, Toronto, Singapore, or New York.

The gold or silver purchased by the customer is stored securely, with full insurance, in these vaults, and remains the private property of the customer at all times.

The commissions are the lowest in the industry that we are aware of, at 0.5% for orders under $75,000 and down to 0.1% for orders above this amount. This is significantly less than the average 5% that one would pay as a premium for most bars or coins.

Storage costs are also among the lowest in the industry, at 0.12% per year for gold, and 0.48% per year for silver. This includes full insurance that completely covers the safety of your investment.

Buying and selling can be done instantly online, 24/7, through the online portal. Funds can be deposited or withdrawn online, through a link to your bank account, and are usually available within 3 business days.


Bullion Vault is our company of choice for reasons of safety, cost, and ease. If you are looking to buy a significant amount of either gold or silver and have it stored in secure vaults internationally, there is no better solution.