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We specialize in using cycles, proprietary technical analysis, and market psychology to gauge both long-term secular trends and short-term opportunities for profit. Our primary focus lies in intense scrutiny of the gold and silver markets.

We pride ourselves on providing clear and unbiased analysis for subscribers and clients. We are neither perma-bulls nor perma-bears; rather, we endeavor to maintain focused discipline through the recognition that all markets move in distinct waves and cycles. The key, as investors, is to recognize which cycle we are in, and then to align ourselves with it, always maintaining a watchful eye for fundamental factors that may alter the long-term trend.

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Golden (a.k.a. Fibonacci) spiral


About Christopher W. Aaron, Founder

Christopher Aaron is Senior Editor for the precious metals investment portal Gold Eagle.

A former counter-terrorism officer for the CIA and Department of Defense, Christopher has always had an independent analytical outlook. He volunteered to serve two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 – 2009, conducting pattern analysis and mapping for the US Intelligence Community in Washington, DC. Drawing upon his investigative background he turned his attention to the financial markets in the early 2000’s.

Mapping shares similarities with technical analysis of the financial markets because both involve the observation and interpretation of patterns found in human nature. Through his work, Christopher shares with clients how these patterns are both cyclical and embedded, and how the recognition of such can be used to profit in the investment world.

Christopher Aaron holds degrees in history and business, with advanced Department of Defense training in intelligence analysis.


Afghanistan, 2007. Christopher: center, front.













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