Gold 2021 Forecast: Stealth Bull Market

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When it comes to forecasting gold prices, there seem to be two main types of conclusions being offered by analysts these days:

1) Gold made a long-term top in 2011, is still in a bear market…and will fall to below $700 per ounce.

2) Gold is going to skyrocket this year and see $5,000 or more by 2020.

At our firm, we fall into neither extreme. And while our type of analysis may not catch as many quick headlines, we are going to cover in detail the trajectory we believe gold prices are setting up for a distinct third possibility to the aforementioned hypotheses.

3) Gold prices will climb slowly, steadily and stealthily for the next 4.25 years without a significant pullback, re-challenging $1,900 by 2021.

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