Gold Forecast: Final Low Targets For The Bear Market

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In our previous article covering the long-term gold forecast, we made the case that the breakout in gold from the 1980 – 2009 consolidation below $850/ounce represents an extremely rare and powerful pattern in the commodity markets, a move that is likely to lead to decades of gains once the current bear market is over.

Given the recent weakness in the price of gold, we thought it a good time to update readers on our expectations for the final low of the current bear market. There is a confluence of no less than five important support levels between $850 and $1,033/oz. that we believe should provide support for the price of gold should further weakness develop over the months ahead. Such a final low would represent the best entry point for gold investors who have been waiting on the sidelines for prices to begin trending higher again.

Gold Expected Retest Zone

The Power of Multiple Support Levels

In our technical studies, when a single support level exists for a market, we will often say simply that support exists at that specific price point. When two support levels come in near the same region, we will say that this represents strong support at that area. And when three separate support levels exist in the same vicinity, that represents an extremely strong level of support.

On our 15-year gold chart, there now exist five separate support levels currently within a swath of roughly $180. This represents an immense level of buying power which should enter the gold market within this region. While the range may be too large for short-term traders to use in timing, for long-term investors who agree with our thesis that prices may eventually reach a multiple of the 2011 $1,917 high, any purchases in this band of support should represent an excellent long-term accumulation point.

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