The Fundamental Case for Higher Silver Prices

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In our previous article, we discussed the technical case for a significant long-term bottom now being put into place in the silver market, of magnitude comparable to the bottom we saw in late 2008, which led to a 400% rally in silver, and over 1,000% gains in many of the top-tier silver miners.

While we tend to focus on technical indicators in our analysis, the significance of such a pending rally in the precious metals forced us to take a step back and ask ourselves the question again: what are the fundamental drivers of such a pending move? What is actually going on amongst miners, scrappers, hedgers, jewelers, industrialists, and investors that is setting up for such a major revaluation of this historically monetary metal?

While we value studying charts and patterns — and indeed believe that all of the fundamental data that is known to the market (the sum of all participants in the sector) shows up in the charts (i.e. the current price) — we remain fundamental-based investors at heart. That is to say: we understand that fundamental drivers are what move the market over the long run.

So we took a step back and sought to refresh our perspective by looking at the long-term trends developing on both the supply and demand sides of the silver market.

Silver FundamentalsOur review follows: we are more bullish than ever on silver prices and believe that the moves we have seen over the last 10 years are but a mere preview of the price level that is to come over the next decade.

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